WUNSCHFEE offers legal and symbolic weddings in Austria and Germany, and symbolic yacht weddings in the French Riviera and on the coasts of Italy.
This specialist wedding planner can also help you create a symbolic destination wedding in Salzburg or find the perfect setting for making an unforgettable proposal of your very own.
Meaning „good fairy“, „Wunschfee“ Isabella´s elegant wedding ceremonies take place on stylish yachts in charming European locations guaranteed to create your perfect „Moment for Eternity“.
„Yes, I do…“ Three little words that could translate as „Yes, I would like to experience something special with you“. Your „good fairy“ Isabella is ready to assist you. Being in her element, she knows the most romantic places in Austria, Germany, Italy and the French Riviera to make your wedding dreams come true.
Whether it´s an intimate ceremony or a lavish society wedding, Wunschfee will use her expertise to create a stylish setting for the big moment in any couple´s life.